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Men vs. Women: Who Has More Degrees?

May 3, 2011 by Geneva Reid
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In the working world, do men or women hold the greater number of college degrees? Check out the stats of the most recent data. In what’s being called the “most detailed” report ever, the U.S. Census Bureau reports as of 2010, 37% of women 25 and older have bachelor’s degrees — compared to 35% of men.

Here are other findings when looking at all adults 25 and older (both employed and unemployed):

  • 29.6% of women have at least at B.A., compared to 30.3% of men.
  • 30% of all adults (60 million people) had graduated from college — compared to 26% in 2000.
  • 87% of all adults in this age group have at least a high school diploma or equivalent — a figure that’s 3% higher than 10 years ago.
  • Out of 200 million adults in 2010, 174 million had at least a high school diploma — but 26 million hadn’t finished high school.
  • Women were slightly more likely than men to have completed high school: 87.6% compared to 86.6%.

Another interesting stat: Looking at men and women in the 25- to 29-year-old range, 36% of women had at least their B.A., compared to 28% of men.

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